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Project Management Cartoons

Automation Centre created Bizco, a fictitious company, to show how our Tracker project management software integrates into typical organizational processes.

These project management cartoons feature characters including Victor Vice President, Ashley Admin, Mark Manager, Hannah HR, Boris Beancounter, Joe User and others, all of whom demonstrate how they use Tracker applications and the impact they've had their work.

A cartoon about project management

The Bizco characters are more than just project management cartoons, they are a part of our own work process as well- we write and test all of our project management software with the characters in mind. These characters also play a role in our Tracker demo software, as users take on the role of each of the Bizco characters while they explore the Tracker work environment and test its functionality.

The Bizco characters are rapidly making a name in the project management community, and were the subject of an article in Entrepreneur magazine - Building Character - Art Imitates Life for This Entrepreneur.